So, anyone wanna play a game?

Using VASSAL, I mean.

This is an idea that popped into my head a couple of times – there are several print-n-play games that are available for play using the VASSAL game engine (basically a “virtual board” where you sort of click-n-drag your game pieces to move stuff) and it could be kind of cool to give them a play with listeners of the podcast.

The best way to do it would probably be “live” using Skype, but play-by-email is also a possibility.

It could also be cool to chat about the game after giving it a try, and if that’s done using Skype you might get to be a guest on the podcast 😉

[Please note I am probably not interested in playing a game with the person who actually designed it – I think it would skew my review of the game.]

Admittedly, we would sort of be skipping the “print” part of print-and-play, but for a few games we can sort of get a feel for it to see if it’s sort printing or not, I guess you could say.

There are several games I’d be interested in trying out in this fashion:

Cheese Chasers
City of Guilds
Galaxy of D
Grav Armor
Outpost Gamma
Postcard from the Revolution
Star Viking
Sword and Sail
Zombie Plague
Get to the Chopper!!!
Pay Dirt
Yardmaster Express

Also, if you need more info on VASSAL you can go here.

If you think you might be interested in helping me check one of these out, let me know!

3 thoughts on “So, anyone wanna play a game?”

  1. Hmm, very tempting, though the time difference between you (USA) and me (UK) may be problematic.

    Doesn’t Vassal have a chat engine built in? I’ve never used Vassal for online play, so not sure. The chat window looks like it may post messages to everyone on the server, or maybe just the “room”.

    1. The primary game window has a text box at the top that both allows player chat and displays game information as you go.
      It works both live, and for PBEM if you use the “logging” function so that all messages are saved and passed on to the next player.

    2. (Also, I’ve played live games with people overseas before, however it usually needed a weekend arrangement where I could play in the morning while it was evening for the other person)…

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