Printin’ and Playin’, Episode 2: The Island of D


I had so much fun with Episode 1, I decided to jump right on Episode 2!

In this episode I discuss the 2005 solo adventure game The Island of D.

Once you’ve listened, get more info on the game here: Thoughts on the episode?

Leave comments here, or go to the podcast’s page on BGG to discuss with other BGG members:

One thought on “Printin’ and Playin’, Episode 2: The Island of D”

  1. Comments on this post from the previous web site:

    “Look forward to listening to this one! A small suggestion: Could you include a link to the game in the show notes? Would be very helpful for those wanting to know more. For anyone else, here’s the BGG link:” – Unknown

    “It was really nice to hear about this game again. I haven’t played it in years, but I really enjoyed it. Island of D 2 was even better. ” – Jeremiah Lee

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