Printin’ and Playin’ Episode 22 – Hanafuda / Koi Koi / Go Stop


In this episode I talk about hanafuda cards, including a brief history of the origins of this quite cool deck of cards from Japan, as well as a couple of the more popular games played with them – Koi Koi, and Go Stop!

After you’ve listened, you can get more info on the cards here:

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2 thoughts on “Printin’ and Playin’ Episode 22 – Hanafuda / Koi Koi / Go Stop”

  1. Possibly, depending on what kind of contributions you’re referring to. I’ve actually got another episode halfway done at the moment but lately it’s been hard to find time to get it all recorded & edited. If you have a BGG account get ahold of me at my Shadoglare account and we can discuss.

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